Paul Renner to lay out ‘path to prosperity’ at 2024 Chamber summit

Economic empowerment has been a cornerstone of Renner’s leadership.

House Speaker Paul Renner is among a slate of candidates scheduled to speak at the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2024 Prosperity and Economic Opportunity Solution Summit.

Renner will deliver a talk providing the state perspective on legislation and policy that supports families on their paths to prosperity. 

“Legislation and policy play a significant role in eliminating barriers to opportunity for children and families throughout Florida,” a description of his session explains, noting that he will discuss “his Opportunity Agenda and the groundbreaking outcomes it has led to over his speakership.”

Renner first gaveled in during an organization session in late 2022, laying out a bold agenda promoting economic strength “full of prosperity, abundant with opportunity and rich in quality of life,” Renner said at the time.

The Summit will be held May 23 in Coral Springs beginning at 9 a.m. and running through 4 p.m. Renner is scheduled to speak during the first session, before a scheduled coffee break.

The summit begins with a session on the business case for prosperity, with Florida Chamber Foundation President Mark Wilson.

Up next is a session on business and philanthropic leaders uniting to build prosperity, with speakers Maritza Martinez-Guerrero of the Orlando Magic, Jonathan Romine of Collaboratory and Jim Miller of Maximus.

In the third session is a panel discussion on how local leaders in Broward County are making an impact, moderated by Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance Executive Vice President Ron Drew with leaders from the local community.

After Renner is a session on supporting families, with speaker Nan Rich.

The second half of the day includes scaling solutions at the zip code level; a networking lunch; exploring education as a pathway to prosperity; discussing the balance between brand and community; supporting re-entry programs; exploring the impact of afterschool programs and discussing transportation as a means to opportunity.

A full program is available online. Registration remains open here, with in-person and virtual options available.

A welcome reception is scheduled for May 22 from 6-7 p.m. for in-person attendees.