Fuming at Palestine moves, Randy Fine wants ban on investments in Ireland, Spain, Norway

‘In Florida, if you support Muslim terror, you will be treated like a Muslim terrorist.’

Florida has a list of countries it doesn’t do business with: North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Sudan and Iran. Now, Rep. Randy Fine wants to add three European countries to the list: Ireland, Spain and Norway.

That’s because those countries are moving to recognize Palestine as a country.

In a post on X, the Brevard County Republican pledged to file a bill during next year’s Legislative Session to add those countries to Florida’s “scrutinized companies” list.

“In Florida, if you support Muslim terror, you will be treated like a Muslim terrorist,” Fine wrote.

“Next session, I will introduce legislation that adds any country that recognizes ‘Palestine’ to Florida’s list of scrutinized countries, with severe limitations on entities from those countries doing business with and in Florida. Spain, Ireland, and Norway will join Iran, North Korea, Cuba, and Syria, among others, on that list. Govern yourselves accordingly.”

Fine is the only Jewish Republican in the Legislature and has been a staunch supporter of Israel, especially after the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas and the subsequent war in the Gaza Strip. He is term-limited in the House, but is running for the Senate, and would have to file his bill in that chamber should he win the election.

The specifics of the bill, if it passes, could carry major implications for Florida’s investments, including the 646,277 active members of the Florida Retirement System. If the measure is drafted so that Florida must divest from any entity doing business in Ireland, Spain and Norway, and stop contracting with such companies, it could have major ramifications.

Ireland’s low corporate tax rate has made it an attractive haven for many large global corporations, including Accenture and Google, both of which have major contracts with the state over the years.